Author: Wyn Seeley

Congratulations to our new Unit 163 Life Masters

Congratulations, Jim MucClure, Janee Oleson, Bonnie Kremer and Martha Peterson!

Jim McClure

Jim McClure

Janee Oleson (with MaryAnn Boardman)

Janee Oleson (with MaryAnn Boardman)


Bonnie Kremer and Martha Peterson

Jim McClure (Mt. Pleasant bridge club): Jim got his Life Masters at the Des Moines Regional last month. When he started playing duplicate bridge, he projected that he should reach his goal in 7 years and he did just that. Way to go, Jim!

He and Steve Rod (his regular partner) came second in the knockouts and received 5.15 gold. But Jim couldn’t remember exactly how many points he needed and had to call home to check. It was exactly 5.15. He and Steve celebrated at the hotel bar and later at his son’s house for a pizza.

Janee Oleson (Cedar Falls/Waterloo bridge clubs; Unit 163 Vice-President and Membership Committee Chair): Janee received the rest of her points at the Cedar Rapids Sectional with partner Melissa Heston. Janee had played with many partners over several months before she met Melissa. Melissa’s confidence inspired Janee and that soon turned into a wonderful partnership which they took on the road to get her red and gold points.

Her mentors have been Gary Mehlin, Paulette Koontz, Bill Kent and Linda Lein. To celebrate, Janee went out to the Outback Steakhouse in Cedar Rapids with her regular dinner dates: Melissa Heston, Paulette Koontz, Sally Meixner, Bill Kent, Mike Roush and Wyn Seeley.

Janee likes to observe other players and learn from them. She and Melissa are striving to find the perfect bidding system. It’s a work in progress. Her advice to future Life Masters is “Never let the opponents see you sweat.” And “Play the cards with confidence, like you have them.”

Bonnie Kremer (Mt. Pleasant bridge club)” Bonnie became a Life Master at the Omaha Regional in Council Bluffs this month with her regular partner Martha Peterson. They played in the Monday night Knockouts and won 5.72 gold points to reach her goal. To celebrate her husband Jack took them to Hooters which was a first time experience for them and Bonnie bought the drinks.

Bonnie wants to thank everyone who helped her get to this goal. It has been a lot of fun.

Martha Peterson (Mt. Pleasant bridge club): Martha went to the Omaha Regional with Bonnie and needed 6 gold points for her Life Masters. On the Monday night she got 5.72 with Bonnie Kremer. Then Tues night she got 1.65 in the Gold Rush pairs and she reached her goal. Again they celebrated at the Casino bar. It was a big week for all of them and they did their club proud.

Martha can check this off her bucket list as she wanted to be able to include this milestone in her obituary.

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