Category: Governance


To all Unit 163 members,

According to section 6.5[a] of the by laws of Unit 163 of the ACBL, as of June 15, 2015, nominations for the Board of Directors of Unit 163 are in order. This nomination period will be open until July 25, 2015. All Board positions are open for election every 2 years, in the odd calendar years. The Secretary/Treasurer is elected by the Board of Directors each year, and becomes a voting member of the Board.

All members of Unit 163 may nominate themselves by submitting a notice of intent to the Secretary/Treasurer, Gary Edwards. His email address is His phone number is 319-642-3579.

Please contact your local representative, or the President, MaryAnn Boardman, or the Secretary/Treasurer, Gary Edwards, if you have any question about the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.