First Pro/Am Game

novicecornerGary and Kathy Edwards organized a Friday club game matching up a life master with a non life master at the Iowa City Elks Club on May 24th. It was a huge success with 6 1/2 tables. There were more life masters that would have played if there had been non-life master partners. Ardie Cushing brought her laptop with the scoring program and Rich Bailie did the scoring. I heard many of the life masters say it was fun and wanted to do it again. I know the novices appreciated the challenge.

Here are the masterpoint winners N-S and E-W. Life masters are identified with LM.


1st: Linda Edwards(LM), Ed Crowley

2nd: Karen Cummins(LM), Barb Hill

3rd; Emily Bennett, Phil Cummins(LM)

4th: Karen Friest(LM), Mark Gromko

East- West

1st: Elaine Mahler, Gary Edwards(LM)

2nd: Martha Bailie(LM), Doris Hertsgaard

3rd: Wyn Seeley, Rich Bailie(LM)

4th:Kathy Edwards(LM), Dean Abel

5th: Betty Stevens, Bayard Bosserman

And to top off a great day Linda Edwards brought 2 huge boxes of lemon bars and chocolate squares. They were all gone at the end of the afternoon.