Five Selected for Hall of Fame Consideration

Five long time contributors to eastern Iowa duplicate bridge have been nominated for consideration for election into the Unit 163 Hall of Fame. These players are MaryAnn Boardman, Dennis Cordle, Gary Edwards, Bill Forde, and Elaine Olson.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals whose contributions to Unit 163 greatly exceeds the expected. It is an honor just to be nominated for consideration.

The nominees and their recommendations are listed below.

MaryAnn Boardman: MaryAnn is an ACBL accredited teacher. Her passion for bridge is infectious. She wants to improve others’ bridge skills as well as their enjoyment of the game. Competitiveness is in her nature but she is constantly congratulating others on their accomplishments. MaryAnn runs a weekly duplicate game, Build Better Bridge, where she offers a safe place for newcomers by reviewing rules of the game and insisting on proper etiquette at the bridge table. She initiated a mentor program, matching less experienced players with master players. MaryAnn is currently the Bridge Unit 163 president, and under her leadership has effected many positive changes in the bridge unit. She has successfully chaired numerous Cedar Rapids Sectional Tournaments. She championed the 0-500 point sectional tournament in our bridge unit, which has become an annual event.

Gary Edwards: Formerly the Bridge Unit 163 president, Gary took over the secretary/treasurer duties in 2014 even though it was a position that he was not entirely comfortable with. He has done a wonderful job, especially in managing finances and keeping accurate and complete records and reports. He has suggested many ways for us to be more fiscally responsible especially at our sectional tournaments. Gary has recruited new people to the board. He and Kathy have been chair or partnership chair for many Iowa City tournaments. He has turned 8 is Enough into a major event by his determined partnership efforts. He has also been instrumental in holding successful Coralville Regionals. Gary encourages, mentors and plays with beginner and intermediate players on a regular basis. He is patient and friendly at the bridge table. He is an excellent example of what a Hall of Fame member should be.

Bill Forde (deceased): Bill Forde was unable to go home to his dog from the 2004 Mason City Regional because he was getting all of his Gold Points. Bill chaired two Iowa City Sectionals and the 2006 Iowa City Regional. He was president of Unit 163 for three years, and remained active on the Board of Directors until his death. He was known for his friendly demeanor and his hearty laugh.

Dennis Cordle: Dennis Cordle has been an active part of Iowa City club level bridge for over 50 years. Denny was the hospitality chair at many Iowa City Sectionals, back in the days when bridge was played in smoky rooms, Midnight Swiss events were common, and an after game drink was the norm. Denny was a top level tournament player for many years, good enough to be on Barry Crane’s team. He is now a regular standby at the three Iowa City day games, always ready to play with players of all abilities.

Elaine Olson: Perhaps Elaine’s greatest contribution to Unit 163 was her successful chairing of Regionals in Mason City in 2004, 2006, 2008 and one other year. The average attendance at these Regionals was 488 tables, and the total profit for the three Regionals that we have records for was $19,626. These Regionals featured a free lunch, and were very well run. Elaine was also a member of the Unit 163 Board for 10 years, and was President for two years. She was the driving force behind the purchase of the new fiberglass tables that are now available for Unit Sectionals and Regionals. She is very outgoing, and always has a kind word at the Sectionals she comes to in Eastern Iowa. Her laugh is infectious. She epitomizes what active ethics is all about. She was thrilled to win more master points than anyone else at the recent Mason City Sectional – GNT District final. She also chaired that tournament, even though she lives more than an hour away, and also did much of the work on hospitality.

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