Unit 163 Board Meeting, Minutes July 17, 2010

Unit 163 Board Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2010
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Meeting was called to order at 5:01 pm.

Present: Larry Delfs (Area 2), Paulette Koontz (Area 3), Maureen Garlich (Zone A), Barb Skogman (Zone B), Bill Forde (Zone B), Ida Bell (Area 6), Jim Callison (Zone C), Wyn Seeley (Area 7), Chuck Woodruff (Zone C), and Bill Kent (Secretary-Treasurer).

Absent: Elaine Olson (Area 1), Jack Falat (Area 4), Dick Tetrault (Area 5).

Also attending: Roy Gilleard and Karen Moore.

The board expresses its condolences to Elaine Olson for the loss of her brother.

Change site from Cedar Falls to Hills. Minutes of March 27, 2010 were approved.

BKent: We are getting several new directors to our Unit. If you see they are not conforming to Unit policies, please correct them.

Financial Report – Bill Kent

2010: In black, despite tournament losses. Expenses down because of GNT’s lack of participation & reduced Junior fund expense due to going to camp instead of Nationals.

Regional: Impressive effort by Ida Bell, Jim Callison and the Quad City players. The small loss was due to lack of players, specifically the up and comers. The tournament would have shown a profit if there was not a deposit.

Sectional tournaments 2011: need to confirm chairs, dates and sites. Cedar Falls & Mount Pleasant date & site confirmed. Dubuque should be aware it is in danger of losing their annual tournament.

Financial report approved.

Old by-laws are ancient (1992).
Reduce board members & officers.
3 areas with 2 board members each (approximately representing 160 members). 6 representatives and the Secretary-Treasurer will make up the board. The officers will be President, Vice-President and the Secretary-Treasurer with the President and the Vice-President coming from the board members.
Need to hold a membership meeting with agenda. Members need to be notified by mail.
Mark Schantz believes a Membership meeting (voting) could be held throughout the tournament. E-mail, web publishing and club announcements could satisfy notification.

BKent suggested adding mandatory committee assignments (as well as standing committees) could be placed in the By-Laws.

Youth Bridge – Wyn Seeley

Camp was success. Mount Pleasant refunded money because some kids had family commitments.

Regional Tournament planning – Bill Kent

Starting in 2013 Unit 163 will split Regionals with Fargo. Fargo will take the odd years (always Labor Day) and Unit 163 will set the date in the even years (we set the date).

Even though the even year dates are sanctioned, the site and the dates are subject to changes. Cities that wish to have a Regional in their area need to submit bids starting immediately (next board meeting November Cedar Falls).

Complaints about directing at Regional were aired. The newcomer games were cut short and floor director communication was inadequate. Remember to use the chain of command (DIC and tournament chairpeople) to alleviate problems. The Secretary-Treasurer can also influence the behavior of Directors who wish to continue working at our tournaments.

BKent reminded the board of items that did not make the agenda (especially the lack of NAOP & GNT coordinators and Junior Fund committee). The 2010-11 GNT District final will be held in Des Moines which suggests heavy promotion by our Unit.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:11.