Want a Friendly Tournament without the Experts?

MaryAnn & Jim Boardman

MaryAnn & Jim Boardman

On June 7-8, Cedar Rapids is combining efforts with Iowa City to have a Future Life Master tournament. It is especially for those players who have not reached over 500 points and are not life masters. This is the third Future Life Master tournament that has been held in Unit 163 in the last three years.

We asked what Future Life Masters wanted in a tournament and combined all the suggestions into one two-day event. There is a wealth of free perks: free lessons, free door prizes, free food between sessions on Sunday, free hand records, free panel discussion of Saturday morning hands, trophies for winners, and free treats for the whole tournament – oh, I almost forgot, free plays for any member of the ACBL with fewer than five points. You can get one free play Saturday and one free play Sunday. You can even join the ACBL at the playing site and get this deal. There will be mentors there to help you fill out your convention card and answer any questions that you might have. Friendliness will be firmly encouraged.

The site is the Country Inn and Suites at the airport exit off I-380. Gary Edwards (Iowa City) and MaryAnn Boardman (Cedar Rapids) are working to make this the most fun tournament ever! See the flyer right here. Call MaryAnn at 319-362-9474 or Gary at 319-642-3579 for more information, or if you need partners or teammates.

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